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Sweat Product Launch

Skill: Design direction & execution

When: Gymshark, 2022

Sweat was a brand new range for Gymshark, designed to help women during their sweatiest workouts, and show that fashion and function can co-exist. The campaign was about changing the narrative, focusing on the power and struggles that come with perspiring as a woman, starting a discussion about the stigmas that surround it.

I used a hand-drawn approach for the campaign's lockup and supporting copy, creating a real and human feel to the campaign. This complimented the real human stories that were highlighted in the social comment inspired assets. The bespoke type used for the lock-up was combined with Gymshark's existing fonts to ensure a look that still felt core to the brand. Different colour variations were created to compliment the range. I also produced animated stickers that were featured on Instagram.

cover 2.png
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