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Skill: Creative concept, design direction & execution, branding, animation

When: University project, 2023

Did you know that in the middle ages, beer brewing was done by women called alewives?


Beer was essential because the boiled, bacteria-free water meant it was safe to drink during The Black Death, and these independent women made a living from it. But, it was decided their autonomy was destroying the patriarchy and they were banned from their craft in 1540.


This speculative project asks the question: What if beer was re-introduced in the 21st century, after disappearing with the condemnation of alewives in the 1500s? The visual identity is inspired by historical illustration and lettering to celebrate the alewives and educate an audience, whilst creating a product that comments on the existing male-focused beer industry.


Deliverables include the packaging, an “Alewives A-Z” on various touch-points, and an animation.

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